• Jillian Barron

Sit Stand Lean: Improv Games From On Stage to Online

With the new era of online improv theatre, it can be tricky translating improv games for the video streaming forum. In this series, learn how to play popular improv games in their original form and how to adapt them for online improv performances and rehearsals.

GAME: Sit Stand Lean

Set up: 3 Players and at least one chair or block or item that can be sat upon or leaned on.

How to Play: The host will introduce the game and get a suggestion from the audience to start the scene. The host then explains that during the scene one player must always be sitting, one player must always be standing, and one player must always be leaning. If at anytime during the scene, the audience catches a player not adhering to the rules they can let the players know by making an audible noise (established by the host). Scene will commence and continue until the host calls it.

Advanced: Don't have any objects for the players to use except each other and the floor.

Play it Online: This game is difficult to translate online, but not impossible. You will first need all three players to have their own chair or object on camera with them. They will also need to be able to position their cameras so they have room to move since this is a very physical game. Without an audience to make warning sounds, any additional players not in the scene (keeping their cameras off) will need to make sounds with the host.

This game may take a few rounds of practice to work out any kinks and fine-tune it to the way your troupe wants it to run. But with a little bit of patience and creativity, this can be a successful online game!

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