• Jillian Barron

Questions Only: Improv Games From On Stage to Online

With the new era of online improv theatre, it can be tricky translating improv games for the video streaming forum. In this series, learn how to play popular improv games in their original form and how to adapt them for online improv performances and rehearsals.

GAME: Questions Only

Set up: All players line up (like they are going to the water fountain), and the first 2 players step down front to play the scene. 1 Host to the side.

How to Play: The host will introduce the game and get a suggestion from the audience to start the scene. The host will then explain that during this scene the players are only allowed to speak in questions! If a player doesn't respond with a question, that player is eliminated and must go to the back of the line. The last remaining player is the winner of the game.

The host has the option of having the audience members make a buzzer sound when a player doesn't use a question to let the player know they are out.

Play it Online: Since you can't have players standing in a line when using video recording apps, the challenge for this game comes in how to decide who will take the eliminated player's place. One easy way to do that is to number off all of the players that way they know who's next to join the scene. Alternatively, you can have the players feel it out and organically jump in when they're ready (make sure everyone plays once before anyone takes a second turn).

The host will have to buzz out the eliminated players in lieu of an audience.

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