• Jillian Barron

Gibberish Opera: Improv Games From On Stage to Online

With the new era of online improv theatre, it can be tricky translating improv games for the video streaming forum. In this series, learn how to play popular improv games in their original form and how to adapt them for online improv performances and rehearsals.

GAME: Gibberish Opera

Set up: 4 Players: 2 Opera Singers and 2 Translators. Each singers is paired with a translator. 1 Host stands off to the side.

How to Play: The host will introduce the game and get suggestions of an occupation and a city. The host introduces the opera called the [Occupation] of [City]. Opera Singer A sings a gibberish “line”. Translator for A translates. Opera Singer B sings their gibberish line. Translator for B translates. The singing must been done in an overly dramatic way as much movement and bravado as possible. The scene continues until the host calls the game.

Advanced: Have a third singer/translator pair waiting in the wings for various walk-on roles during the scene.

Play it Online: This game translates very easily to online rehearsals and performances. All the rules remain the same, and the game continues as it would on stage. If you are using the third player advanced version, the third player and translator would need to remain off camera until their walk-on moment.

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