• Jillian Barron

Change: Improv Games From On Stage to Online

With the new era of online improv theatre, it can be tricky translating improv games for the video streaming forum. In this series, learn how to play popular improv games in their original form and how to adapt them for online improv performances and rehearsals.

GAME: Change (or Ding) (or New Choice)

Set up: 2 players in a scene. Host to the side.

How to Play: The host will introduce the game and get a suggestion from the audience for a scene. As the 2 players are playing the scene, the host can call out, "Change!" "New Choice!" or ding a bell, and the last line said or action done must be replaced with a new choice. Host can play with frequency and how many times a player must make a new choice for the same line or action. Game continues until the Host calls the scene.

Advanced: All other players can join and leave the scene as walk-ons or cut-tos.

Play it Online: The challenge for this game lies solely in technology. Improv players have found that most video conferencing apps will automatically mute audio if more than one person starts speaking. With this game, that might mean players won't hear the host say "Change" or ding a bell, and the host will have to repeat themselves after several more lines in the scene have already passed. If you can find an easy way around this issue, then this game is great for online play!

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