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The Patty Sisters At Home - Bedazzle That Sh*t
Fri, Aug 14
B&G Improv Facebook Page
Aug 14, 8:00 PM
B&G Improv Facebook Page
With coronavirus keeping everyone stuck at home, Chick and Theresa Patty teach yah how to make beautiful accessories out of everyday household items. Sell em, gift em, keep em for yourself - you ain't gonna wanna miss these easy DIY necklaces, bracelets, and more!
Friday Night Improv - Will Hines Cool Cats
Fri, Aug 28
B&G Facebook Page
Aug 28, 8:00 PM CDT
B&G Facebook Page
Join Laurel George, Jilly Barron, Alissa Platz, Rob Moden, and Mike Bocchini for 45 minutes of Armando hilarity! These five improv geniuses will take your one word suggestion, tell a TRUE personal story inspired by that word, and then make up a bunch of scenes based on that story.


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How it all started

In December of 2018, destiny brought two women among titans together who had one common purpose--to convince people to pay them to make things up.


What was born of this fateful friendship is commonly referred to as B&G Improv.

B&G Improv is a professional performing arts group founded by Laurel George and Jillian Barron.

Using improvisational arts as its foundation, B&G houses short-form/long-form improv shows, sketch comedy, corporate team-building improv workshops, and other comedy theater forms.

Mission: To improve the Memphis community through comedy by inducing joy and laughter.

To draw like-minded artists to a safe playing field and facilitate creative growth and inspiration.

Current Shows

Every Friday night, catch a free 30-60 minute show streamed live on the B&G Improv Facebook page. Jillian and Laurel tackle the newest challenge of “online improv” with popular games and experimental forms.

Chick and Theresa Patty are just two broads with a penchant for psychic readings. Readings for people? Oh no. Animals, objects, and wine are their fortés, and using their psychic abilities, these two Northeastern sisters will conquer it all - from pie baking to makeup tutorials to reincarnated celebrity pets.

B&G & Friends Improv is an online celebration of improvisation! Jillian and Laurel team up with improv friends all over the nation to bring long-form and short-form games to a new online audience.

The Pixie Cutz are the newest all-girls band on the improv block, and they are ready to ROCK! Alissa Platz joins Jillian and Laurel from Washington D.C. for wacky and zany online improv performances.



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