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Let’s meet in real life

B&G Bucket List Improv Show
Fri, Feb 21
Theatre South
Feb 21, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Theatre South, 1000 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104, USA
It's time to start checking off those Bucket List experiences! Join Laurel and Jillian for another B&G Improv show as they create wild and zany characters to take you on a WeirdAss journey - all based on YOUR Bucket List suggestions!



Jillian Barron
Laurel George


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Mom, I'm on TV!


How it all started

In December of 2018, destiny brought two women among titans together who had one common purpose--to convince people to pay them to make things up.


What was born of this fateful friendship is commonly referred to as B&G Improv.

B&G Improv is a professional performing arts group founded by Laurel George and Jillian Barron.

Using improvisational arts as its foundation, B&G houses short-form/long-form improv shows, sketch comedy, corporate team-building improv workshops, and other comedy theater forms.

Mission: To improve the Memphis community through comedy by inducing joy and laughter.

To draw like-minded artists to a safe playing field and facilitate creative growth and inspiration.



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Shows & Appearances

Laurel George

Email: bandgimprov@gmail.com


Jillian Barron

Email: barron.jillian5@gmail.com

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